Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kregel Tour: David Sticker Book

Sticker books have been a perennial favorite in our home. All six of my children have enjoyed putting sticker to paper but not every book has lasted the test of time. Having purchased a variety of sticker books over my almost 18 years of parenting, I can say with confidence that all sticker books are not created equal. Some stickers are so difficult to get off the sticker sheet that the child has very little to do with actually using them.

Other sticker books claim to be "repositionable" which translates into: "BEWARE--these stickers will stay on the right page for maybe 5 minutes and you will then find them all over the house filled with so much lint that they will never stick to anything again!"   I much prefer a sticker book in which stickers stay where you put them--just the kind used in the David Sticker Book.

The David Sticker Book has stickers that were easy to peel off and the lines were all thoroughly cut so that there were no ripping of images (an event sure to produce tears). The stickers had good stick so they will stay put!  A must for any book that is going to be read more than once.

One thing I particularly liked about the David Sticker book was that the stickers not the entire point of the book. Rather the stickers complemented the story.  The reader has the thrill of contributing to the illustrations by filling in the stickers in the correct places. I love how this fosters cognitive reasoning--matching the correct outline of the shape on the page with the correct sticker. And although the stickers are a one time activity, the book itself is so beautifully illustrated and simply told, that kids will enjoy looking at it over and over and either read or ask to have it read to them repeatedly. The stickers add an almost three-dimensional aspect to future readings.

There are four pages of stickers to apply. A very nice quantity especially in our household with multiple children. My youngest three kids aged 5, 7 and 9 were all thrilled to help put in the stickers. With so many to use, they each had plenty to apply.  I liked that the stickers were in the middle of the book allowing for easy removal of those pages once the stickers were completed--leaving just a beautiful story book without empty sticker pages.

Each page had several images to apply--both large and small.  The image on the book page is faintly present giving some help to the child applying (sort of a white shadow of the sticker image).  The sticker has the main image as well as part of the background of the page.  This really helps the sticker fit right into the illustration.  A few stickers did have some more complicated backgrounds so if you have a perfectionist child, you may want to help guide them in getting the sticker situated just so.  Because the stickers are sticky, you'll want to make sure of its placement before patting it all down.

I liked that the reference in the Bible was given at the end of the book so that parents and children can look up the origin of the content directly from the Bible. This also helps provide additional information and details for older readers. This book would be a great complement to family devotions or a family night as the Bible version is read and the David Sticker Book helps to bring Scripture alive.

You can purchase David Sticker Book directly from Kregel Publications for $5.99.  The book can also be purchased from one of the following retailers:

This book provides a very fun and inexpensive way to make some great memories with the children in your home while instilling in them a greater knowledge of Bible heroes!

Disclaimer: I received David Sticker Book from Kregel Publications for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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