Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson

Quinn Sosna-Spear, has crafted a tale of an unforgettable boy doing marvelous things.  My first impression was of a style similar to Roald Dahl as in James and Giant Peach but as I got deeper into the book, I felt I'd fallen into a version of Alice in Wonderland. The book twists and turns as each chapter becomes a door into new worlds and quirky characters.

Walter, along with his neighbor, Cordelia, are on a mission to find the great Flasterborn--renowned inventor and ruler of Flaster Isle. Walter dreams of becoming an apprentice inventor and Cordelia is hoping to find the key to a secret she has carefully guarded. Walter's mother Hadorah has spent her whole life trying to keep her son from falling under Flasterborn's spell. Now she must return to the place she had hoped to never see again, to save her son from dangers he knows nothing about.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Suffering is Never for Nothing

Adapted from a set of teaching tapes Elliot had recorded, Suffering is Never for Nothing condenses a deep topic into a rather small amount of pages.  But those pages speak volumes.

Elliot has a gift for distilling deep spiritual truth into everyday language and experience. One of my favorite quotes from this book was, "The purest gold comes out of the hottest fires."  Do you want God to purify you, to make you the highest quality gold?  That will come from only the highest temperatures that are forged in the fires of suffering and pain.