Wednesday, August 21, 2019

My Head in the Clouds

The cover of My Head in the Clouds shows off the whimsy that awaits readers within the pages (and perhaps a hint at some silliness in store as well).  Youngsters will delight in joining the rollicking journey of the adventurous--albeit forgetful--heroine of this story.

First of all, I love that the book is told in rhyme--one of the greatest devices for ensuring that one reads with enthusiasm and rhythm (one just cannot read poetry without expression!). This book is the antidote for boredom as children will giggle their way past a gingham-pant wearing wolf, a swimsuit-clad mountain climber, a suitcase-hauling camel, and a taxi-riding Lady Liberty!  All around the globe, there are sights to see (and things to lose--oh my!) on every page.

Catch Cat

The continents are introduced with a teaser of landmarks and things of interest that are small portions of a map that follows.  Readers can read about each item and then try to locate it on the map.  The map pages look a bit pixelated (I assume they are computer generated).  Given the blocky world of Minecraft, that fact may not bother kids. Has a sort of vintage charm (like you are viewing an old Pac-Man graphic). I assume the print version is less blocky and would therefore recommend that over the digital version.

Each continent has a double page spread highlighting famous landmarks, geographic features, as well as native wild life. The illustrations are well done and information is offered in kid-friendly chunks. The next double page is the continent with animals, landmarks, and other interesting features illustrated on the surface of the map. It offers children much to examine and explore. Almost like taking a drone tour above the continent and getting a bird's eye view.