Friday, October 21, 2022

Britfield & The Return of the Prince by C. R. Stewart

Book III opens with a thorough summary of Book II to help refresh readers' minds about previous events. A much-appreciated touch! Britfield & The Return of the Prince follows the continuing adventures of Tom and Sarah as they try to find Tom's parents while the Committee tries to thwart them at every turn. (I highly recommend starting with Book I to fully understand their complete adventure, but the summary would probably provide enough information that even new readers would enjoy the third installment in the series.) 

As Book III opens, Tom and Sarah are enrolled at Devonbury Academy in Switzerland. Along with their rigorous academic subjects, Inspector Fontaine has been training them in self-defense and intelligence gathering as well. Unfortunately, their stable life doesn't last long as their cover gets exposed and they are once again on the run. Their escape takes them through Italy (Florence, Venice and Rome) by some rather unusual methods. (I love that the author included maps of the cities--very helpful!). While the Resistance is quietly growing, the Committee seems to have its claws in every city and at every level of government and time is running out. Tom and Sarah have to rely on their training and ingenuity to keep one step ahead of their enemies. 

The action does not let up but continues at a heart-pumping pace from start to finish. The pages are full of chase scenes, spy tactics, physical combat, and computer hacking. (Not to mention a few surprise appearances by characters thought to be dead.) Through it all, Tom and Sarah never lose sight of their objective: to gain proof that Tom is the rightful heir to the British throne and expose the nefarious deeds of the Committee. Hang on for an exciting read and stay tuned for Book IV!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Britfield & The Return of the Prince from the author for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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