Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Song of Comfortable Chairs by Alexander McCall Smith


Bravo to Lisette Lecat who masterfully brought to audio life the next installment in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. This was my first opportunity to listen to the audio of McCall Smith's series and it was an absolute treat!

Mma Ramotswe heads up the first (and only) female detective agency in Botswana and is assisted by her capable assistant Mma Grace Makutsi. Each book in the series involves multiple cases and this novel tackles some issues that hit very close to home. Mma Ramotswe handles her work, marriage and parenting with wisdom and patience. My favorite case in this book was when Mma Makutsi's husband's business is faced with a ruthless competitor,  and Mma Ramotswe uses all her cunning to craft a clever way of correcting the situation. 

Like a Mrs. Piggle Wiggle for grownups, Mma Ramotswe's solutions are pure magic. She always knows the best way to outfox a criminal or to tease out the truth from wily suspects. I love the way Mma Ramotswe handles Grace's sharp edges with finesse. How I wish I had a Mma Ramotswe to consult when tricky relationships or situations arise. Readers will enjoy the pearls of wisdom that Mma Ramotswe weaves into every conversation. She is direct and intelligent but always kind and considerate. Readers will enjoy the satisfactory conclusion to all the threads within this novel. Make sure you read this in a comfortable chair for you won't want to put it down!  Bravo Mr. McCall Smith! Please keep your lovely series going--each book offers many pleasant moments spent virtually in beautiful Botswana.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of the audiobook for A Song of Comfortable Chairs through NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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