Sunday, September 5, 2021

We May Be Done But We're Not Finished

If you are approaching, have reached, or even surpassed the fifty-year mark in your life, you may be wondering what life will hold for you in your "twilight" years. I have to admit that, when I was younger I had the impression that once I reached that age it was only a matter of coasting into my senior years and then limping to the finish line of my life. I believed that dreams and goals were only for the young.

Deb DeArmond and several of her friends definitely changed my view of "retirement."  I was struck by the varied experiences of these women of faith--some faced health scares, the end of marriages, or going back to school.  While they may have had different challenges and dreams, the one thing they had in common was learning that God could still use them.  

In this past year of so much uncertainty, we all could use a dose of hope. And DeArmond's book is an incredible source of hope. Readers cannot help but admire the tenacity and resilience of the women who contributed to this book. I loved that author biographies are included in the back with the other books they have written. 

This book is a collective treasure of wisdom that will inspire and guide women of all walks of life to being open to where God may lead them in the second half of their life. Grab copies for a mother, grandmother, or any woman in your life who needs to be reminded that retirement isn't an end but rather the beginning of fresh possibilities!

Disclaimer: I received a free Kindle copy of We May Be Done But We're Not Finished for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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