Thursday, September 2, 2021

All Pets Allowed by Adele Griffin


All Pets Allowed is the second installment detailing adventures that take place on Blackberry Farm. Having left the city behind for winding roads and a slower pace of life, Becket and Nicholas are super excited about the prospect of picking out pets when they reach their next birthday. 

The delightful illustrations from LeUyen Pham were a fabulous part of the book. Here's one example:

Becket and her twin brother, Nicholas, could not be any more opposite. This becomes obvious in how they celebrate their birthday, how they spend their free time and even how they select a pet.  After bringing home their fur friends, they discover that their pets may also be opposites.

As Becket and Nicholas learn to care for their respective pets, they learn some people lessons, too--about themselves and others. They navigate how to tolerate an annoying classmate, learn to let go of things they don't need, learn new skills and most importantly learn to work together as a family. I like how the book introduces the concept of family identity and how each family is unique and special because it is made up of people who have unique gifts.   

I love the intergenerational influence of having grandmother live nearby. For readers who are concerned about the environment, they will find a green advocate in Becket. Being environmentally responsible was a strong theme woven throughout the book.

All Pets Allowed is the second book that takes place on Blackberry Farm. While readers will have no problem jumping into the further adventures of Becket and her family, I recommend reading the first book, The Becket List, as well to understand how the children came to live at the farm. I hope there will be more adventures to come for the Branch family!

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of All Pets Allowed from Algonquin Books for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received. 

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