Thursday, June 27, 2019

Bird's Eye View: The Natural World

If you want to learn about the world, it can be hard to find a children's book with just the right kind of graphics that are eye-catching without being unrealistic. I think Bird's Eye View offers just the right balance of engaging, colorful content that closely matches reality. Much like a high quality animated film.

I loved the opening double spread of the whole world. This serves as sort of an illustrated Table of Contents offering the child a glimpse of the order their journey around the world will take. I love that there is at least one stop for each of the inhabited continents (sorry, Antarctica, you didn't make the cut).

Each of the 12 stops include a double page spread with tibits of information sprinkled around the page. There is no particular order one needs to read the information on the page and younger children may just enjoy looking at the pictures.  Along the bottom of the page, there is a key of images to look for on that page. That's a great way for non-readers to engage with the book and also to draw ones attention over the whole page, noticing things that may otherwise have been missed.

The scope and breadth of all the beauty on our planet Earth are magnificently displayed throughout each page of this book. The occasional references to how man has marred the planet will undoubtedly please environmentalists and references to the earth's age will please evolutionists.  For parente, who disagree, the book provides opportunities to discuss how their world view differs with the author's.

The book could also be the springboard for some discussion with older readers about how subtle messages are woven into everything we read and the importance of using discernment and evaulating everything one reads. While I disagreed with some of the content, I believe there is still much to recommend in this book and think it provides a valuable way to introduce geography and geology to young readers.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Bird's Eye View from NetGalley for the purpose of reviewing. No other compensation was received.

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