Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Calf Named Brian Higgins by Kristen Ball

Hannah's uncle offers medical and humanitarian aid to people in remote villages of Kenya. Hannah and her mother have the opportunity to visit, bringing along much needed medical supplies. Hannah relishes the time she has with her uncle but wishes her dad had been able to come along with them.

Hannah soon realizes how much she has taken for granted in the United States: clean water anytime she wants to drink or shower, food of any kind and amount, medicine to fight almost any sickness, and basic sanitary conditions.  As Hannah begins to make friends and experience the hardship of her new friends, she learns to be more compassionate.

When a tragedy strikes during her visit, she and her new friends work to bring about change so that future tragedies can be avoided. I think this book is a great way to learn about the hardships that children in other countries face. This would be a wonderful book to read aloud as a family and then find ways to help those in need within one's own community.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of A Calf Named Brian Higgins from NetGalley for the purpose of review.

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