Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mission With: Something Out of the Ordinary

Mission With:Something Out of the Ordinary lays out the case for an approach to mission that encompasses one's whole life and existence by choosing to live among the people one serves and sharing in their day to day experiences.  An incarnational approach much like Jesus lived on earth.

The first part of the book explains what a "mission with" mentality is and how it compares and contrasts with models that Keeble calls "mission to" and "mission for." The rationale for choosing to relocate to a needy/impoverished area stems from a desire to have the greatest impact and to live and experience the same things that your neighbors deal with.  Keeble challenges the accepted norm of upward mobility and the continual striving for greater comforts as one's income increases. He makes some great points about how that trend to move to nicer suburbs has often removed the influence of believers in areas with the greatest need.

Keeble introduces the reader to the area in which his family had chosen to reside. He provides some historical background of the area as well as some of the initiatives that he has been part of. Some of the positives that are pointed out include the multicultural presence that added a richness to their experience, the friendships that developed and the support they received after a tragedy in their family.

I enjoyed learning about the author's background, growing up in Ireland and the influences and experiences that God used to shape his life, testimony, and vocation.  As Keebler describes interactions with neighbors, community projects undertaken, and ministry carried out, readers glimpse the ups and downs of relational ministry--ministry on the street and meeting people where they are.

I appreciated Keebler's honesty and reflections on ministering as a family. I know the book has challenged me to rethink my ideas about mission work. I'd like to be more intentional in the way I live in my community. I think I'll need a third reading to really begin to plan how I can develop stronger relationships with my neighbors and be willing to share life with them more fully. Doing life together is how Jesus ministered and Keebler provides a practical glimpse of how that can be effectively carried out today.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Mission With: Something Out of the Ordinary from Instant Apostle Reader Reviews Group for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was received.

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