Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Me: A Compendium

I'll admit that I'm a bit of a book snob. After 35 years of book collecting, I'm not easy to please, much less impress.  So I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened up Me: A Compendium. I've done my share of journal books growing up and bought quite a few for my 6 kids but I have to say this little gem from Wee Society is pure delight on so many levels!

First of all, it's a nice size--in face Goldilocks would find it "just right."  Not so large and unwieldy to manage and not so long that one never actually completes the whole book.  And not too short that you whip through it in one sitting. I was not expecting a dust jacket (always a plus for added protection). Love the bold and graphic image on the cover!  What makes the dust jacket particularly fun is that it offers a place for a child to record some "secrets."  The interior of the jacket is actually a very slick surface so will most likely require permanent marker to work (in which case I highly recommend adult assistance for that portion).

Inside readers will discover thick, luscious pages (paper of this thickness is practically extinct these days!).  Each page has one thing to record. I love the simplicity of the design--very large printing and large graphic image but lots of color.  I can imagine an elementary child completing this on their own or a younger child could dictate their answers to a parent to record.  There are place for drawing pictures as a response. If you have an OCD child who may worry about "messing up," you could have them draw on a blank piece of paper and glue it on to the page in the book.

Some pages include facts like your birthdate or your current friends. Some are more imaginative such as sharing what type of dinosaur you want to be.  Children can complete the pages in any order and when it's all done, they will have a marvelous keepsake.  This is definitely a book you will treasure! It's like being handed a fully illustrated book just waiting for the child to write the words on the page. When the book is done, they will feel like they've just authored their first book!

I can see this being a fabulous way to encourage reluctant writers. We all know that  writing is infinitely more fun on bright and whimsical pages! It could also be a very helpful way to draw out a more reserved child--providing a glimpse into the depths of their heart and mind.  It could even be a helpful tool for those dealing with children who have been through traumatic events.

In a world with so much focus on screens and programmed activities, Me: A Compendium offers a rare treat for some good old fashioned open-ended fun. As the book says, the only things you need to complete the book are "Ideas, a way to put those ideas into this book, and someone to share it with."
Grab copies for all the children in your life and help them unlock the magic of their own imagination!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Me: A Compendium from Blogging for Books for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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