Thursday, May 28, 2015

Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood by Melissa B. Kruger

I am an avid book collector and reader. I've also been a mom for a number of years and I'm sure I could count at least 50 books in my home related to motherhood/parenting. In sampling those books, the results have been similar to Goldilocks'. Some books have been too hot (too condemning or guilt-inducing), too cold (mostly superficial fluff with little spiritual meat) and a few that have been just right. Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood is definitely in the"just right" category.

Author Melissa Kruger includes just the right amount of encouragement and gentle correction and most importantly, her points are supported by the Word of God. Kruger does share some helpful illustrations from her own mothering experience but the emphasis of the book is on discovering what God has to say as we walk with Him in this mothering journey.

The book starts off with an introduction from the author that sets a very warm and inviting tone. As if she wants to personally mentor each person who reads her book. I appreciated that the first chapter of the study itself began with helping women understand their purpose--the purpose God created for them and that involves walking by faith. The next few chapters focus on making the Word and prayer the foundation for a mother's life.

The next several chapters focus on the various Fruits of the Spirit.  It's not about trying harder or manufacturing fruit in one's own strength but learning to stay connected to God that allows us to bear the fruit that helps us be a mother that reflects God's character to our children. The book wraps up with a chapter about helping women walk in grace by shedding the burden of the perfect mom they feel they need to live up to.

Each week includes 4 days of Bible study with questions to answer and a 5th day with a devotional that helps recap and reflect on what was learned.  Included in the back of the book is   list of suggested memory verses for both mom and children to learn as the study progresses. 

Overall, I felt there was a good balance between the study questions and the narrative by the author and I love that it is all in one book without having to buy a separate study guide.  I also loved that the Bible passages for the study are written right in the book followed by pertinent questions. No flipping back and forth between the book and your Bible. This also allows the reader to underline and make note of certain key thoughts about the Scripture as well.  

Although there is adequate space given to write your responses in the book,  I would personally use a notebook to record my answers. That way I can loan the book to friends and also be able to do the study again in a few years when I am at a different season of motherhood.

This book makes an excellent independent study but it would also be a great study for someone to use in a mentoring relationship--an older mom wanting to guide and encourage a younger mom by doing the study together. It think this study would also be very beneficial done with a group of mothers (preferrably in various stages of motherhood). The length of the study is perfect for a summer study or either a fall or spring term for a woman's ministry or mother's group. The author has included helpful leader resources that include excellent questions to foster discussion and also review what was learned in the daily homework that week.

To recap the highlights:
  • Study guide included 
  • Scripture passages printed in book (1984 NIV translation) 
  • Manageable homework over 5 days
  • Leader guide included
  • Memory verses for moms as well as children
  • Can be done solo, in a mentoring relationship, or as a group study
Whether you have one child or twenty, have been a mother for one day or one decade, you will find plenty of wisdom and encouragement in the pages of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood.  

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood from Blogging for Books for the purpose of review.

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