Thursday, August 9, 2012

In the Hands of a Child

In the Hands of a Child is having their annual Back to School Sale

on their HUGE selection of Lapbooking and Notebooking Products.

Save 50% on over 400 different titles!  See complete details here.

Bringing Laughter and Learning Together

If you have never used In the Hands of a Child products, then hop on over to their website and download their current freebie product: a Project Pack for the book Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Once you've gotten a free taste of their products, make sure to take advantage of the Back to School Sale and plan to add some spark to your school this year with a product from one or more of these subjects:

On their website, you can shop by subject, by price, or by grade level.  In the Hands of a Child gives a great orientation to both lapbooking and notebooking. And make sure to find them on Facebook as well.

And a project pack is not just for homeschoolers!  Pick a product and work together as a family after school, on the weekends or over a holiday break. You'll have fun, make memories, and learn a whole lot together! 

Happy Shopping!

I am not an affiliate for In the Hands of a Child--just a satisfied customer who wanted to share a great product with others.

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