Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase

I was first introduced to Sir Cumference while attending a homeschool conference sometime in the 2000's. The title caught my eye as math had not been a favorite subject of our oldest. It soon became an almost annual tradition to buy another Sir Cumference book at the homeschool conference. All six of our children were delighted by the clever play on words that helped explain math terms in such a memorable and fun way! 

Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase is the 11th book in the series. I was excited to review and revisit a series that had been so well-loved in our homeschool. The focus of this book (as the title suggests) is on percentages. In this tale, Percilla has a gaggle of geese to deliver to various customers. As misfortune strikes along the way, Percilla must determine how to distribute the remaining geese in a fair manner.  Fans of Sir Circumerence will be familiar with Percilla's traveling companion, Lady Di. Thankfully, all comes right (mathematically) in the end!

I am always astounded by how cleverly the author explains challenging math concepts in ways children (and adults!) can understand. The stories are so fun that children won't even realize they are learning math! And even though my youngest is 16, I'll be adding a physical copy of this book to our home library. I consider Sir Cumference a staple for any school or home library. The series should also have a special place in every elementary or middle school math classroom--each book is like a cinematic story problem. The illustrator's renderings of the time period and the math concepts are absolutely perfect and so wonderfully complement the story.

It was fascinating to read how the author became inspired to begin the series. I am so thrilled that she brought such a clever, whimsical, helpful series into the math world!  Looking forward to future books in the series!

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Sir Cumference and the 100 Percent Goose Chase from NetGalley for the purpose of review. 


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