Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead & Wendy Mass

A book about a Little Library? Yeah!! And if you are a cat lover, that's cause for a double yahoo!
I was familiar with Wendy Mass and knew my kids had enjoyed previous books written by her so I took my chance with this one. Geared at upper elementary or middle grades, this offers something for everyone: pet companions, mystery, and friendships. 

Martinville has been without a library due to a fire (the origin of which was never discovered). When Even discovers a Little Library (with a cat perched on top), his curiosity draws him to check it out. He finds two books of interest and is very surprised to find out that his own father had checked out one of them. As he reads both of these books, he becomes drawn into the mysteries of the library fire. His dad was acting very odd about the book Evan had found and being a bit dodgy about the days he had spent at the Martinville Library. 

Even and his best friend Rafe, are determined to find out what really happened so many years ago but it's hard to solve a mystery that no one in town will talk about. Part of the mystery of this book has to do with the people who are taking care of Mortimer. I love the tenacity of Evan and Rafe, the loyalty of the cat, Mortimer, to his Little Library duties, and the bit of mystery as Martinville's past events come slowly into focus. There is also a little side story starring Mortimer which offers the reader a lesson about kindness and friendship in the animal world.

[Parental Note: An other-worldly element pertaining to ghosts factors into the story. Nothing sinister but worth mentioning so parents aren't blindsided if they choose to steer clear of those types of books. It may offer an opportunity to talk with kids about what they think happens after people die.]

Disclaimer: I received a free digital audio version of The Lost Library for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed are my own. 


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