Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Little Books of the Little Brontes by Sara O'Leary


What a charming glimpse at the childhood years of the Bronte youngsters and the influences that shaped their literary lives. The illustrations by Briony May Smith are breathtakingly beautiful: fresh, innocent, and gently crafted to hold the attention of young readers. I really liked the multiple "panels" of pictures on some of the pages that almost gave the impression of a graphic novel--the variations in layout offered a visual surprise throughout the book.  

I love everything about this book: the period clothing, views of village life, and background information on the Bronte family. Readers will learn about the family members that died all too early (shared in a sensitive, gentle manner). In spite of (or perhaps because of) these tragedies, the family seems to have been very close. 

I loved the idea that the Brontes started their literary journey through the creation of miniature books that depicted stories taken from their vivid imaginations. I really enjoyed the added material at the end of the book that offers children, parents, and educators more details about the Brontes--including a timeline of life events and a bibliography to guide readers into further research. The author explains to readers how they can create their own miniature book--what a fun idea! I hope The Little Books of the Little Brontes will inspire many future authors.  

Disclaimer: I receved a free digital ebook of The Little Books of the Little Brontes from NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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