Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Etsy Business Launch by Alssa Garner & Garrett Garner

Written directly to the reader, the authors create interest from the first page detailing what the readers will find inside their book. I like that they offered a quick summary of the big ideas in the book to alert readers of what to expect. It was also made clear that this is not a book to skip around, but rather content is designed to be read from cover to cover, first to get an overall understanding and then to implement each step recommended (in order--no skipping the early steps as authors stress those lay the foundation for sales success).

Garner & Garner explain to readers the ins and outs of finding your niche, selecting your product and developing your brand. The authors assert that success lies in finding the intersection between passion and profitability. Readers are offered practical steps to help them select a niche, research a product that is in demand and that will be profitable as well as ways that sellers can enhance their branding.

Once research has been done to determine what and to whom you will sell a product, the authors take readers through each step in setting up their storefront, drafting a seller biography, the importance of keywords, and search engine optimization (SEO). The authors do a good job of explaining each concept so anyone can understand--whether new to Etsy or an experienced seller. 

Additional topics covered in Etsy Business Launch include:
  • Utilizing Etsy Announcements as free marketing
  • Creating Listings that sell
  • Understanding Etsy's algorithm
  • Tips for taking fabulous photos
  • Creating listings that attract buyers
  • Offering dynamite customer service
  • How to encourage sellers to offer a review
  • Harnessing the power of social media
  • Utilizing an email list to encourage sales
  • When and how to use ads
  • Learning how to use website statistics to improve your business
The authors also offer a complete explanation of incorporating, as well as tips on filing taxes and deciding when to outsource. The book is packed with many practical tips for moving your business toward higher profitability levels.  The book wraps up with some final tips from the authors' personal sales experiences. Readers will come away with a toolbox of strategies that will help their business thrive. 

Etsy Business Launch offers excellent guidance for everything a reader needs to know to begin and maintain a successful online business. I had previously only put my toe in the online marketplace pool but after reading this book, I have the confidence to dive right in! You can purchase Etsy Business Launch on Amazon (affiliate link that adds no cost to you).

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Etsy Business Launch from Book Sirens for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received and the opinions expressed are entirely mine.


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