Wednesday, March 1, 2023

The Journey of The Little Prince

One reason to procure a physical copy of this book is to be able to have stars that glow in the dark!! The Little Prince has been a childhood classic for decades and I love this companion that helps introduce the youngest readers to the magic and moral lessons from its pages.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery's exquisite original illustrations are used in this special edition. Seeing the author's art in double-page spreads will captivate readers young and old. A simplified retelling of the encounters the Prince has with various characters is offered followed by an explanation of a lesson we can learn from that person. There is also a question prompt that offers an opportunity for children to think more deeply about the lesson or to consider how that lesson applies to them.

This would make a charming book for parents to read with their children. It also has wonderful uses as an educational tool. For art, children can try their hand at copying the original drawings. Literary connections can be made by discussing other books that have characters similar to those the Prince encounters. This book would make a valuable addition to any home or school library. I highly recommend this title as it makes a wonderful classic accessible to younger audiences. 

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of The Journey of The Little Prince from NetGalley for the purpose of review.No other compensation was received.


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