Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Emma's Sunflower by Phillipa Warden


From the very first page, children will fall under the spell of Phillipa Warden's lyrical narrative. Grace Ward's vibrant illustrations are a perfect complement to the story. I love how select words were in color within the story. Emma loves the birds in her yard, but she isn't as fond of the crow that keeps eating all the bird seed! The book begins in fall and then transitions to winter, spring and finally summer. For each season, Emma finds enjoyment in being out of doors and on her birthday, she gets a wonderful surprise!

Young readers will enjoy discovering the changes that each season brings.  The illustrations tell the story so well that non-readers will be able to go back and review the story just through the pictures on each page. For those beginning to read, the author has chosen a font that is easy to decipher. I love the bright and child-like illustrations. Budding artists will enjoy trying their hand at their own birds and sunflowers. I highly recommend this sweet story that celebrates nature in all its wonder and charm. 

Check out the author's website for some free printable activities to supplement the book! Ms. Warden also shares lots of ideas for extending learning on her Instagram feed. She is one of the most active authors that I follow on IG, sharing so many creative ideas and interacting with her followers.

You can also read my review of Phillipa Warden's book, Rupert's Snowman. It will be another favorite of young readers!  Either book would make a lovely addition to any public, school, or home library!

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Emma's Sunflower for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received and the opinions shared are uniquely mine. 

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