Friday, April 8, 2022

Let's Tell a Story: Pirate Adventure


The adventure begins with an opening question: Who will be the hero of your story? And there is an array of interesting characters to choose from. Each double-page spread has another prompt to move the story along.  With each guided question a yarn is being crafted and all the elements of a good story are present.  The cool thing is that there are infinite possibilities for the story based on the choices made on each page. 

Hidden on every page is a little penguin that children will enjoy finding. This book offers great interaction between a child and their teacher or caregiver. If reading to a group of children, turns can be taken to add to the story.

The illustrations are engaging, the elements of a good story are clearly defined and this book could serve as a reference for older students to help them craft their own stories. To incorporate other disciplines, a child could write out their story or record their tale. There are so many things to explore on every single page, I highly recommend this book for any age! 

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Let's Tell a Story: Pirate Adventure from NetGalley. No other compensation was received.

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