Tuesday, August 17, 2021

TX PACT Art: Early Childhood-Grade12 Study Guide

This is my first experience with a Mometrix Test Preparation book. My review is for the Texas Pre-Admission Content Test pertaining to Art: Early Childhood - Grade 12.  The guide opens with five "Secret Keys" to help students optimize their studying efforts. General test-taking strategies are then explained. The guide covers the following content areas:
  • Foundations of Art: Elements and Principles
  • Art Media, Tools, Technologies, Techniques, and Processes
  • Visual Arts in Historical and Cultural Contexts
  • Aesthetics and Art Criticism
  • Connecting the Visual Arts to Other Disciplines
I liked that each section had distilled vast information down into a manageable format. Each section offered many examples of artwork to demonstrate the style or technique being discussed. The study guide could also serve as a reference for art teachers when creating their lesson plans in the future.

Bonus material includes helpful information about overcoming test anxiety. Within this section are links to video content related to test anxiety. Transcripts of video content are included. The videos serve to not only a help the test-taking student, but can help future teachers understand test anxiety that students in their classrooms may experience.

In addition to the video links, all featured art in the study guide can be viewed in full color through a link provided in the guide. Viewing online allows students a much clearer view than could be achieved in the print book. 

Finally, the book offers one sample test which includes the answers to the test as well as explanations for each answer. All in all, I feel like the guide is a great investment for anyone planning to take the TX PACT.  A digital copy of this test can also be found through the online Mometrix bonus content.

Mometrix also offers flashcards for an additional cost. The flashcard system does come with bonus material including another practice test along with additional study helps. If you are preparing for the TX PACT, I highly recommend this guide to help prepare!

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the Mometrix Test Preparation for TX PACT for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.


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