Sunday, April 18, 2021

Audiobook: Murder By Page One by Olivia Matthews


Marvey has recently moved from New York to work at a library in a much smaller town in Georgia. She enjoys the freedom that a smaller library offers and loves asking everyone she meets if they already have a library card (felt that was slightly overused throughout the story).

Just when her day was shaping up so nicely, attending an author book signing at the friend's book shop, "To Be Read," one of the authors turns up dead.  And Marvey's friend, Jo is prime suspect. Local law enforcement (who seem rather Barney Fife-like) have their focus on Jo to the exclusion of searching for any other suspects.  As researcher extraordinaire, Marvey is compelled to turn amateur detective. She partners up with the owner of the local newspaper, Spence. 

The story line is fairly light-hearted and not particularly deep. I'd put it in the category of soap opera writing. Sort of mind candy for those who may not have time or interest in much character development or literary depth. 

Sentences overloaded with adjectives and tedious descriptions (faux leather couch, faux oak shelf--why not just have a leather couch or oak shelf?).  Using it more than once seemed odd. Felt like any time a character entered a room, the reader was going to get a real estate description of the furniture and where it was placed (does it really matter what color a chair is?).  I think by the end of the book, readers will also know almost every piece of clothing in Marvey's wardrobe.  An occasional description is fine, but I honestly do not care to hear everything described in detail. Just gets in the way of the story.

Reading the book in print would have made it easier to skip over the unnecessary descriptions. But I felt the audiobook was hard to listen to. But if you are looking for something not too deep, this may fit the bill.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of the audiobook, Murder By Page One from NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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