Monday, February 18, 2019

The Secrets of the Wild Wood by Tonke Dragt

When I started The Secrets of the Wild Wood, I was not aware that it was actually a sequel to a prior book written in 1962, A Letter For the King. While the reader may not know all of the character's back stories, this volume is thoroughly entertaining on its own. With the announcement, however, that Netflix is producing an original series based on the first book, I suggest new readers begin with book one and then treat themselves to the adaptation when it is released.

Tonke Dragt has created a marvelous tale set in the days of knights, squires and warring kingdoms. Tiuri is the protagonist in The Secrets of the Wild Wood and he has a faithful squire in Piak. Together they face the mystery and danger of the Wild Wood in search of  Sir Ristridin who many believe dead. In his adolescent enthusiasm, Tiuri must determine whom he can trust as motives and designs are often hidden and deceptive.  And in his youthful fervor, he also battles a war of the heart between two beguiling young women.

Readers will be caught up in the twists, turns, and vivid descriptions of the Wild Wood, the Men in Green (which reminded me of Robin Hood and his Merry Men), and the soldiers of multiple kingdoms all trying to reign supreme.  It is a tale of chivalry, loyalty, betrayal, and noble quests. I highly recommend this tale for readers young and old alike. Don't miss discovering The Secrets of the Wild Wood for yourself!

For more about the author Tonke Dragt, you may want to visit her website (note: you'll want to translate the page unless you know Dutch).

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Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of The Secrets of the Wild Wood from NetGalley for the purpose of review.

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