Monday, February 18, 2019

Just Open the Door by Jen Schmidt

Jen Schmidt shares from the abundance of her life as a hostess in the pages of Just Open the Door. She encourages readers to just begin where they are. Don't wait for the perfect home, the perfect children (ha!), the perfect food or the perfect time.  There is no such thing.

Jen assures the reader the she is still evolving in her hospitality journey, "...nothing would mean more to me than for you to come write your own ending while I'm here writing mine."  Jen candidly writes about the fears that we all face, the nervous and indecision but she asserts that only in opening our home will we stumble upon unexpected opportunities and realize greater depth in our relationships.

If you are content to continue on in a shallow, isolated existence, then this book is not for you. But for those who long to make connections, to move past surface connections, Jen has many marvelous suggestions and lots of real life examples if the rewards in opening her door. And ironically, some of her most memorable get togethers were what outsiders might consider a disaster!

Jen reminds the reader that hospitality is really all about opening our heart to the Savior--offering him our best, focusing on Him first and letting our home be an extension of our service and devotion to Him.

I loved that Jen gave practical ideas for how to begin making hospitality a way of life. How to be on the lookout for ways to open your home and ultimately your heart to people that God places in your path. What are you waiting for?  Grab your copy of Jen's book and Just Open YOUR Door!

For more of Jen's down-to-earth wisdom on family life, frugal living, and feathering your nest, visit visit her blog, Balancing Beauty & Bedlam.

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Disclaimer: I received a digital copy of Just Open the Door from NetGalley for the purpose of review. 

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