Monday, December 10, 2018

A Dreadful Fairy Book

Fairies with attitudes, a melancholy narrator (in the vein of Lemony Snicket), and an assortment of other-worldly creatures all make for an interesting read. A Dreadful Fairy Book follows the adventures misadventures of Lilyshadow Gliterdemalion--better known as "Shade."

After a heartwrenching tragedy of epic proportions, Shade leaves her home of Pleasant Hollow, vowing never to return again. The array of characters (good, bad, and ugly) she encounters will delight youngsters of all ages. Children may come away from the book learning a new phrase or two ("dingle dangle" was the most memorable for me).

Shade learns a lot about herself and a little about the parents she never knew in the course of her journey. Shade and her sidekicks reminded me of the camaraderie of The Three Musketeers. Some of the humorous characters of her journey reminded me of Don Quixote. Through it all, Shade learns what it means to be a loyal friend and that sometimes we have to face our past to enjoy a better future.

This book would make a great Christmas gift for children ages 8 and up. There is a bit of violence but it's more along the lines of Laurel and Hardy and not anything too frightening for young readers.

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