Sunday, January 7, 2018

Out of Silence by Annie Try

Dr. Mike Lewis is going through the motions in his day to day life. Rather ironic that a clinical psychologist must try to help others while battling his own emotional challenges. And then one day an intriguing case involving an asylum seeker becomes the catalyst for helping to thaw Mike's frozen existence.

The client (dubbed "Johnny") is a walking mystery. Having been caught as a stowaway, his real name and age were unknown and all efforts to figure out his native language have been unsuccessful. Upon his first meeting with Dr. Lewis, it becomes clear that Johnny is a selective mute. So begins the challenge of trying to assess a young man without the ability to communicate.

Dr. Lewis asks a colleague, Anita, to assist with some art therapy and the initial attempt was very promising. Johnny's social worker, Dr. Lewis and Anita form a unique treatment team and slowly make inroads into Johnny's background. When a setback for Johnny has him hospitalized, his prognosis is as uncertain as his past.

Meanwhile, another client poses physical danger for one of the training staff in the office. Dr. Lewis is scrambling to keep female staff safe while navigating the minefield of his own grief and loneliness.

I loved the glimpses into the world of a psychologist, treating cases such as agoraphobia, anxiety attacks and other issues.  Annie Try did a great job of creating believable characters facing realistic issues. My only disappointment were a few loose ends left at the conclusion of Out of Silence. I'm hoping that means that another book about Dr. Lewis will soon follow!

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of Out of Silence from Instant Apostle for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.

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