Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Beautiful Thread by Penelope Wilcock

Having proven himself a gifted administrator, it's no surprise that Abbot John calls upon William de Bulmer, to assist with two very important events taking place in quick succession at the abbey: the impending visit of the Bishop, and the upcoming wedding of local parishioners.  The former is complicated by the need to have all in order while keeping William out of sight (due to some past conflicts).  The latter is complicated by an interfering mother of the groom who would like to put a stop to the wedding.

William demonstrates that he is just as gifted in the administration of people as he is of property.  But these skills are put to the test trying to make sure all is ready on short notice. The Bishop arrives early and then he doesn't seem to want to leave! With amazing discretion and grace, William tackles one problem after another. And what was meant to be a few days visit, has stretched out much longer. Which means William may face the displeasure of a wife so long neglected at home!

Readers will delight in the resourceful ways the brothers work together to serve their guests as well as one another. You won't soon forget the beautiful threads that are woven together into the unique and beautiful tapestry of St. Alcuin's Abbey.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of The Beautiful Thread from Kregel Publications for the purpose of review.. No other compensation was received.

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