Sunday, February 14, 2016

Light of the Last by Chuck Black

In this third book in Chuck Black's "Wars of the Realm" series, Drew finds himself in custody related to a campus shooting where he was present. FBI agents believe he was part of the planning and the possibility of 40 years in prison is rather sobering.  He certainly can't admit that he's seeing invisible invaders ever since a science lab experiment went very wrong. His friend Ben is still in hiding following the disaster and Drew is doing his best to thwart the evil only he seems to be able to see.

A mysterious "Mr. Ross" comes to Drew's rescue by offering him his freedom in exchange for cutting all ties with family and friends and working with the government on highly secretive operations. All the survival skills he learned from his stepfather make him one of the most qualified recruits and soon he's working on the most dangerous missions. But he's not always sure who he can trust and who is really calling the shots.  And he still isn't sure who the invaders are that only he can see.

In between missions, Drew is keeping an eye on Sydney Carlyle. Could the key to understanding the invaders be connected to the faith that she so strongly adheres to?  As invading forces conspire to thwart Drew at every turn, will he live long enough to find the answers?  And can he keep safe the ones he loves and the country he serves?

The book won't make much sense if you have not read at least the first book in the series. Book 2 fleshes out more details but doesn't propel the story line all that much (mainly offering an alternate perspective of the events in Book 1).  For those who like political thrillers with a spiritual element, Light of the Last will deliver an unforgettable experience.  

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Light of the Last for the purpose of review from Blogging for Books. 

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