Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Trolley Car Family

We recently finished reading out loud the book, The Trolley Car Family by Eleanor Clymer.  What an utterly beautiful and refreshing read!  A book about the Parker family working together and overcoming adversities without fighting, complaining or rebellion. Almost unthinkable!

The father of the family, Mr. Parker, is a Trolley car operator but he's learned the bad news that he'll be out of a job.  As the family discusses their options, they settle on the idea of living in a trolley car for the summer.  They plan to ride the car to the end of the line where they will then haul the trolley car by horse to its resting place. They discover a barn, a spring, and very friendly neighbors (with kids to boot!).  They even manage to coax their bachelor neighbor, Mr. Jeffreys, to take a vacation from his milk route to vacation with them for a week or two. He grudgingly agrees and even lets the Parkers store their furniture in an unused barn at his place so they can vacate the house they had been renting.

Imagine setting up a home for the summer in a trolley car.  By removing some of the seats, they created a kitchen area, a sleeping area for the Parkers and a space just for Mr. Jeffreys.  Over time, they added a porch and some other improvements.

Money is tight and their future is uncertain but with patience, help from neighbors and a bit of creative ingenuity, the Parkers show that families that stick together will make it through even the toughest of times. Lots of wholesome fun in this sweet book!

Used copies are available from Amazon.  Grab yours and enjoy a refreshing look at a simpler time.

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