Sunday, November 27, 2011

Make Math Fun with PyraMath Cards

PyraMath is one of the innovative products created by I See Cards Educational Games. PyraMath provides a fun way to practice math skills and helps promote a greater understanding and confidence using basic math operations. You can read an overview of the PyraMath card game here.
I was first introduced to PyraMath when the owners generously offered a free deck in return for sharing my experience with their product. The deck comes with 54 cards and I first played it with my 13 year old son. You lay down a row of cards midway between yourself and a partner. Players are dealt a hand and then try to lay down cards that will complete a math equation (can be arrived at through addition, subtraction, multiplication or division). The object is for each player to build a pyramid toward himself by completing math equations.

I then used the cards with my 6 year old. I had her draw three cards to represent ones, tens, and hundreds place and then she used her math manipulatives to show that number.  She loved playing this. As she gets more confident in math, we can start tackling the game using addition. I love that this game is adaptable and can grow with a child's skill level.

As you can see from the image of the cards, the numbers are written so that opposing players can both easily view the numerals. Plus having both Arabic and Roman numerals included is a nice way to sneak in some additional learning.

Here's a little background on how this game came about:
Visit the PyraMath Wiki page to get ideas from teachers about how they are using Pyramath in their classrooms. You can also download the article, "Dr. Ron's Succeeding in Mathematics with Games."
You can play a fun (and free) version of PyraMath online (or try your hand at FracTazmic online). If you are a high scorer, you just may snag a free deck!

And if you'd like to hear about new games as they come out, make sure to sign up for their newsletter.

Product Strengths
  • Solitaire or multi-player versions
  • Adaptable to various levels (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Economically priced
  • Portable
  • Fun way to practice math facts
  • Numbers are written in multiple languages for some extra learning fun (English, Spanish, Chinese, French translations as well as Roman numerals)
Purchase Information
You can purchase the card decks individually or in selected bundles for some great savings:
  • Single decks for $6.95
  • Combo deck (PyraMath/I See Cards) for $10.95
  • Math Bundle (PyraMath/Prime Bomb/FracTazmic) for $18.95
  • Pack of 5 decks for $30.00
  • Pack of 10 decks for $55.00
Great deals if you need multiple decks for a classroom, co-op or want to share an order with friends.  Any of the decks would make a marvelous stocking stuffer this Christmas!

Disclaimer: We received a free deck of Pyramath for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received. We ending up buying three additional decks we were so pleased with their products!

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