Sunday, February 13, 2011

Helping Children Read & Share the Good News

Read and Share:
The Ultimate DVD Bible - Volume 2

Finding a Bible that will engage a preschooler is no small task. But I think that Gwen Ellis the author of the Read & Share series has done an admirable job of bringing Scripture alive to the youngest of listeners.

We were unfamiliar with this series and at first I was a little confused by the contents in Volume 2 (chronological but missing some key Biblical figures). After checking out Volume 1, however, I realized that different figures were selected for inclusion from the Old Testament in each volume with some overlapping of content in the New Testament (e.g. both volumes cover Jesus' life).

The illustrations are bright, the stories very manageable for young audiences and there were interactive questions for each story. The accompanying DVD is like watching a live audio with children being able to follow along in their Bible while the story is acted out. I liked that the DVD was more of a still life narration without a lot of action--pretty mellow and low key which I think is important for little ones. The DVD helps reinforce the stories in the book and being able to hear and see the stories makes it easier for little ones to then share what they learn with others.

The book comes with two DVDs which can also serve as a marvelous resource in an educational setting for Sunday School teachers, preschool teachers or homeschoolers to supplement any Bible curriculum.

Personally, I would prefer the series to run completely chronological so that the overall sweep of Bible history is introduced. In order to introduce my children to the consistent flow of Bible history, I would need to go back and forth between Volume 1 and 2. And there is some duplication in both of those volumes when it comes to the life of Jesus.

If you would like to read what others thought of this book check out the reviews at Book Sneeze.

Want a copy for your child, grandchild or church library? Purchase through the publisher Thomas Nelson for $19.99 or you can purchase it through Amazon. If you are looking for a preschool Bible curriculum, you might also be interested in the Read & Share Curriculum that complements Gwen Ellis's book. Check out that product here.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of "Read and Share: The Ultimate DVD Bible-Volume 2" from Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program for the purpose of reviewing. No other compensation was received.

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