Sunday, March 14, 2010

Celebrations of Faith

It is a rare occasion when I come across a book that is just so marvelous, I wish I had money to buy one for everyone I know (and even those I don't!).  One of these books was given to me by a dear college friend several years ago. Written by Randy and Lisa Wilson, Celebrations of Faith, has not only blessed me but I'm hoping it has blessed those to whom I've passed along copies.

When you think of the term, "celebrations of faith" the Christian's observance of Christmas and Easter might immediately come to mind.  These are certainly perfect times to celebrate one's faith and delve into the riches of what Christ has done for the believer.  There is no shortage of books that help families be purposeful about the true meanings of these holidays. But what about the other 10 months of the year? How can parents keep the focus on Christ throughout the year? The Wilsons have created a book brimming with answers to that critical question.

If you have felt discouraged or unsure of how to accomplish a more godly focus in your family, then this book will help you grow in that area. This book offers ideas for implementing dozens of new traditions in your family. Not intended to be started all at once, the book is a nice buffet of choices to sample. You'll find out how to create a "Joshua basket" to help remember times you have witnessed God's faithfulness.  The importance of forming a family covenant is explained as well as giving dads a charge to verbalize blessings to their children. You'll also find helps on planning a memorable coming-of-age event for either a young man or young lady that will give them a picture of the what godly manhood and womanhood looks like.

If you are ready to infuse new life into your family and create a sense of delight in the Lord every day, find yourself a copy of this book and as the cover says, you'll soon be "tying [your] children's heartstrings to the truth."

Celebrating Christ,

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