Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember

As I write today's post, I'm listening to a beautiful instrumental CD of hymns that accompanies the book, Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember by Barbara Rainey. Last year, after hearing Barbara share about her book on Family Life today, my husband ordered the hardback book along with an audio CD for it. The audio is still available from Family Life today (currently on sale for under $10) and the book can be purchased from Amazon.

This beautiful book chronicles the Pilgrim Story in a unique way. The text is written in two different sizes. The larger size gives an abbreviated version of the story for younger audiences (and can be read in about 30 minutes). For an audience with longer attention spans, the combination of the large and smaller text provides more complete details and can be completed in about 50 minutes. It was Rainey tradition to read the story through on Thanksgiving as a prelude to their meal. In addition to the Pilgrim Story supplementary articles are sprinkled throughout detailing more about Plimoth Children, Covenant-Keepers, and Massasoit as well as a reprint of Lincoln's Thanskgiving Proclamation. What makes this book such a special keepsake are the blank pages in the back waiting for your family to record blessings you've experienced. As you bring out this book each Thanksgiving, you can look back and remember God's faithfulness.

Last year, our book arrived right before we left on our trip to visit grandparents so we listened to the audio on the way. It held the attention of all our kids (3 years to 13 years). This year I look forward to reading the book aloud over several days before Thanksgiving and then once again listening to the audio version on our road trip.

If you've been looking for a way to teach your children about the significance of Thanksgiving--both historically and spiritually--then this is the book for you. As you re-read the Pilgrim account each year and take time to journal your blessings, you will be reminded of God's providence not only throughout history but within your own family.


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