Free Resources

There are so many wonderful free resources on the internet. Here are some of my favorites:

1+1+1=1: Free printables for tots, homeschool encouragement, calendar cards and more.

Amazon: Search "free kindle" by classic authors or theologians (Alcott, Lamplighter authors, Bunyan, Edwards, Spurgeon, Howard Pyle, Horatio Alger, Henty, Ballantyne and so many others).  If you don't own a Kindle, download their free app for PC so you can read books on your computer. An absolute gold mine of so many marvelous works!

Donna Young: Forms, forms and more forms--calendars, planners, forms for various subjects, forms for 100 Easy Lessons, Apologia Science. Take time to just explore and be amazed.

Dynamic 2 Moms: Lapbooking resources, planners, encouragement for homeschooling.

File Folder Fun: Wonderful games to reinforce all sorts of learning. Just search by topic and enjoy!

Games for Learning: Mary is a game-making dynamo! Wonderfully inexpensive ideas for making games to help review and learn just about anything.

Homeschool Freebie of the Day: Vintage books, old time radio shows, classic audios, homeschool helps; sign up for newsletter for extra freebies and special offers.

Homeschool Share: Unit studies and lapbooks on so many topics. Search and enjoy!!

Khan Academy: Free tutorials on so many subjects--math, science, economics, computer science, history, civics. Register so you can track student progress.

Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources: Music, worksheets, games, so many free printables for music!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: Digital issues are now published monthly and they are FREE!  So many articles with encouragement, curriculum helps, reviews, and more.  One of my favorite homeschool magazines.


Noel Franson said...

Hi Albin,
My name is Noel Franson....I'd like to send you my ebook in PDF FORMAT . It is on Amazon .
I have read your book reviews on Amazon and I think they are insightful and fair .Could I please send you a free copy of my ebook 'Why Me God?' in PDF format . ..or if you like…by redemption voucher ….for you to review on your kindle.....I would be honoured if you would review it....It's about a nerd who is a Lawyer but he's really an angel....It is a science fiction romantic comedy...with a 'Romeo and Juliet theme'....Jane Austen features as a gardian angel taking him through ‘Angel Boot-camp’in the sequal…..I do hope you have the time to review it....Is it possible for you to post the review on Amazon?....I will appreciate your comments no matter what the outcome.....Noel
PS.the sequal is due in June ....God bless you anyway......Noel

Jill Stanish said...

Hello Noel, Albin is my husband (we share our Amazon account but I do most of the Amazon book reviews). My book reviewing is a part-time hobby (home educating 4 kids takes the lion share of my time) and I'm afraid right now I just cannot take another as I have several I am working on at present. I wish you well in your writing ventures!